Summary of Qualifications
  • Experience leading interdisciplinary teams of artists and engineers to complete interactive experiences as a team.
  • Experience simultaneously working with multiple clients and juggling several projects requiring management, interpersonal, technical, creative thinking and adaptive problem solving skills.
Languages: English Mandarin Japanese Spanish
Development/Porting: C/C++, Java HTML, CSS, Javascript Python, VBScript C#, WPF, XNA
Engines: Double Fusion SDK Gamebryo Element Irrlicht Graphics Engine Panda3D
Testing: Playstation Xbox PC Microsoft Surface
Other: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Office Visual Studio
Work Experience
Co-Founder, Producer
May 2010 - Present
- Video game startup
Co-Founded Fathombrook to make great games with great people.
  • Handled the initial bookkeeping to make sure that all members know how much was invested and where that money goes.
  • Setting up the business entity by procuring the business license and corporate bank account.
Evacuation - Lead a team of elite to help evacuate a city with a mutant infestation.
May 2010 - August 2010
  • Lead an interdisciplinary team of four artists, engineers and designers to create a complete game with twelve levels, over 20 weapons, and six vehicles in less than four months.
  • Scheduled the project including major milestones and individual deadlines.
  • Arranged playtests to gather information about our game and make informed design decisions.
  • Ensured that all members were on schedule with tasks that needed to be done in order to complete the game.
  • Published on Xbox Live Indie Games under budget and on schedule.
  • Submitted game to IGF 2011 Main Competition and Student Showcase.
  • Advised on programming optimizations, textured models, and found sounds in order to keep the project on track.
Executive Assistant to the CEO, Manager of Research and Development
November 2007 - August 2009
Global Resource International Corp., Ltd.
- Innovator in sports fitness
Qingdao, China
Designated overseas client relationship manager. Propose and implement improvements in manufacturing and R&D.
  • Increased active projects from 200 to over 300 while reducing the number of engineers from 6 to 5.
  • During my stay revenues increased from 7,000,000 RMB to 10,000,000 RMB.
  • Aided in securing large OEM and ODM projects from the largest fitness manufacturers in Asia, Australia and Europe.
  • Test products extensively and advise on improvements in manufacturing and design.
  • Designed and oversaw creation of company booth at the China International Sporting Goods Show in 2008 and 2009.
  • Co-authored the website in order to better communicate product information to potential clients. (
  • Develop Excel spreadsheets using macros for automated document creation.
Project Experience
Co-Producer, Programmer
January 2011 - Present
Puppetineering - Puppet + Engineering
Unity 3D, C++
Creating personal interactions with virtual characters
  • Facilitated communications with external parties to aid in the presentation of our project at the 2011 BVW festival.
  • Worked in interdisciplinary team of four artists and engineers to create a virtual puppeteering application.
  • Assembled team website to share the vision of the project (
  • In two weeks, developed a voice-altering system using C++ and FMOD to mimic our character's voice and send voice related data over the network to our Unity3D client.
  • Designed and assembled hardware solution needed to create the interactive experience.
August 2010 - December 2010
Coco & Co - Constructive Communication & Collaboration
Unity 3D
Fostering cross-cultural communication and collaboration by creating a game where players do not rely on text or speech in order to communicate.
  • Lead interdisciplinary team of six artists, engineers and designers to create a new playing experience.
  • Arranged playtests to analyze feedback and fix the parts of the game that are unclear to first time players.
  • Created team website to communicate the project and goals to external parties (
  • Submit our game to festivals, conferences and other such events in order to give our project greater exposure.
  • Arranged team-building activities to keep team morale high.
Producer, Programmer
October 2009
Snowball Mania
Panda3D, Wiimotes
  • Lead interdisciplinary team of five artists and engineers to create this experience in one week.
  • Featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • Employed the use of wiimotes to simulate head tracking for an immersive 3D experience.
  • Aided in the construction of physical props to complete the interactive experience.
Carnegie Mellon University
- Pittsburgh, PA
August 2009 - May 2011
Master of Entertainment Technology
The Yamasa Institute
- Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
April 2005 - June 2006
Level 2 JLPT Certified
- Los Angeles, CA
October 1998 - December 2002
B. S. in Computer Science and Engineering
Video gamer International traveler International Toastmaster